We are one together

ARMOR and IIMAK are joining forces to offer the best in thermal transfer


1922 - Foundation date

1200 - Employees worldwide

$264M - Sales in 2020

1.6Bn sqm (2.9Bn MSI) – 2020 volume

13 - Slitting & coating sites worldwide


1983 - Foundation date

450 - Employees worldwide

$102M (87M€) – Sales in 2020

530M sqm (820M MSI) – 2020 volume

4 - Slitting & coating sites worldwide

Combining Our Strengths

Since 1938

  • 76 years of cumulative experience in developing Thermal Transfer
  • 2 trusted brands

Sense of Quality

  • Sates of the art coating and slitting facilities in 5 continents
  • Delivering product compliant to the highest quality standards

Customer Care

  • Focus on building strong, solid, and lasting business relationships with our customers
  • Get the support from 60 salespeople and 70 sales assistants

Solutions to All

  • The most comprehensive range of ribbons on the market with leading products in each family
  • Meeting the needs of customers' global supply chains

Where You Are, We Are

Where You Are, We Are


  • Coating Operations
  • R&D Center
  • 5 Slitting Facilities
  • 7 Regonal Customer Experience & Sales Campuses


  • Coating Operations
  • R&D Center
  • 8 Slitting Facilities
  • 11 Regonal Customer Experience & Sales Campuses

APAC (Asie Pacifique)

  • Coating Operations
  • 4 Slitting Facilities
  • 9 Regonal Customer Experience & Sales Campuses

...And You Keep Rolling...

Q. Will I continue to access the same products I was used to?

R. Yes. We are working on a roadmap to offer you the best products from both entities. In the meantime, you will be able to continue to order the products you were used to. Our combined innovation capabilities will benefit from our respective know-how

Q. Do I keep the same sales contact?

R. Yes. And if you are buying products from both ARMOR and IIMAK, you should keep contacting your usual representative. In the mid-term ARMOR-IIMAK will evaluate the best way to serve you.

Q. Cleanstart? inkanto? What happens to them?

R. We intend to make the most of Cleanstart from IIMAK and inkanto from ARMOR to offer the best ribbon experience in the mid-term.

Q. Will prices or purchasing conditions change?

R. No. There will be no change in prices or purchasing conditions linked to this acquisition.

Q. Will ARMOR sell IIMAK products to its customers (and vice versa)?

R. There will be no change in the product offered to our customers in the short-term. A new ARMOR-IIMAK product offer will be built and available to customers in course of 2022.

Q. Will ARMOR sales representatives represent IIMAK products? (and vice versa)

R. There will be no change for the remaining of 2021. All sales representatives will start offering the new ARMOR-IIMAK range in the course of 2022.