Regulatory Compliance

Certifications and Approvals

IIMAK Thermal Transfer Ribbons and inks have been submitted for a variety of certifications and approvals to meet industry standards. The approvals have been ordered to ensure the safety and durability of the products based on consumer needs. Below is a sample of some of our approvals. For more specific information on individual certifications with respect to IIMAK products, please contact us to learn more.

SDS Safety Datasheets

All IIMAK and IIMAK Inks SDS are GHS compliant and available in English.
SDS are available on Inside IIMAK or upon request

UL Applications for Thermal Transfer Ribbons

The UL Standard 969 sets safety standards for marking and labelling systems and tests against these standards. Applications such as automotive, electronics, building materials, and appliances are required to be permanently marked with specific safety-related information. If the labels and label materials comply, they would fall under the UL’s Component Recognition Program. There are four sub-categories within the UL Standard 969 for Marking and Labelling Systems category. PGJI2, Marking and Labelling Systems Printed Materials, covers products which are intended to be printed by end product manufacturers using thermal transfer, laser, or hot stamp printing equipment. Within this category, the ribbons intended for use by the end user are specified in the Recognition.

Any thermal transfer ribbon alone is not considered UL recognized. The combination of the ribbon, label, substrate and adhesive is tested and recognized by UL. Not only must the image remain on the label, but the label itself must adhere to the surface that it is applied to. Media Suppliers such as Avery Dennison/Fasson, Flexcon and 3M conduct these tests and hold the UL files (including the ribbon) through UL.

Rather than submitting a labelling system to UL for testing, select an already approved IIMAK ribbon to save money and to ensure your opportunity stays on schedule.

IIMAK wax-resin PM255 and IIMAK resins SP330 and SP575 are the most popular UL recognized products on a variety of label stocks.

The below table provides information on each major media supplier's UL file.

ISEGA - Thermal Transfer Ribbons and Food Contact

ISEGA is an independent testing institute with the capability for analytical and consulting work in pulp, paper and board, plastics, packaging and consumer goods, colours, lacquers, additives and other chemicals. The analytical work is carried out in conformity with the technical rules and according to national and international standards. Their quality has been approved through the accreditation of the quality management system according to ISO 17025, as well as many other acknowledgements by authorities or state institutions.

ISEGA test reports, declarations of conformity and product certifications have a high reputation among both national and international authorities as well as commerce. Please contact us for more information or log on Inside IIMAK to download the ISEGA certificate.

FDA for Ribbons and Inks

All IIMAK Products are considered acceptable for indirect food and pharmaceutical products contact in accordance with the appropriate chapters and section of FDA Title 21 of the Code of Federal Regulations (21 CFR). This basically means that the thermal transfer ribbon or ink is used for package marking or identification and is printed on a functional barrier that separates the food or drugs from the printed image. This could be the flexible packaging film or a label.

Some IIMAK products are acceptable for direct food contact, assuming the ribbon or ink is used as intended – for package marking and identification. Ask your IIMAK account manager for details.

BS 5609

BS5609 is a British Standard for printed pressure-sensitive, self- adhesive drum labels for marine use needing International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG) certification.

Drums and other types of containers are used for transporting hazardous materials such as solvents, paint, petroleum products, chemicals and hazardous wastes. Each drum or container must have a GHS label providing information about the contents and their associated hazards. When these containers are being shipped by sea, the GHS label must be able to survive exposure to salt water spray for extended periods of time. When a container or drum ends up in the sea due to a storm, or as the result of an accident, the GHS labels must also be able to survive immersion in salt water at mid-tide for up to three months, as well as abrasion resulting from contact with sand and rocks.

Learn more about GHS Compliant Labelling.

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* Please note this is just a sample of the regulatory certifications and approvals for IIMAK products, for more information or for copies of the certificates, please contact us.  


Certifications & approvals

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  • CSA
  • FDA Food Contact
  • Halogen Free
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