Pharamaceuticals & Home Care Coding & Marking Inks

Coding & Marking Inks for Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, Personal and Home Care 

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Reduce your cost on replacement inks for printing expiration date and lot codes for traceability on pharmaceutical, cosmetics, personal care and nutraceutical packaging with IIMAK’s high quality OEM-equivalent pharmaceutical and personal coding and marking inks.

  • Over 120 skus compatible in printers like  Videojet®Markem-Imaje®Domino®, and  more..
    • Fast dry MEK fluids
    • MEK free alternatives
    • Black, yellow, red, and other colors available
    • Specialty inks – pigmented, retort or marks through moisture
  • Next day shipping with fast deliveries from distribution centers in NY, FL and CA
  • Aftermarket replacement printer parts available to keep printers up and running
  • Network of service technicians available to support you
  • Satisfaction is 100% guaranteed

Common Home Care Marking Applications

  • Plastics including bottles, flexible and hard packages, squeeze tubes
  • Glass bottles for medicine, cosmetics
  • Cardboard boxes used for packaging pharmaceutical, cosmetics and home care items

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