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Solutions for Essential Medical Labeling

Thermal transfer ribbons and direct thermal films play an important role in identification and tracking the medical field to enhance patient safety, ensure quality and protect healthcare workers. Print quality and barcode readability is paramount. Our resin ribbons are highly durable on polyester labels with excellent print quality in thermal printers like Zebra, Sato, Honeywell, Brady, TSC and others.
Laboratory Diagnostics
Labels are a critical in processing and storing tubes, vials, and slides. Blood bag labels are another common thermal transfer application. Printed barcodes must withstand harsh conditions including stain protocol, solvents, autoclave sterilization and cryogenic freezing. Labels are generally small scale and can be 2-part. In some cases, clear over-lamination tape is built-in to the label.
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Pharmaceuticals & Nutraceuticals
Thermal transfer can be used for identification and tracking drugs. Images must be smudge resistant to assure information remains readable. In institutional settings, barcode readability is vital to assure patients or residents receive the correct medications every time.
IIMAK direct thermal technology is common for printing detailed images needed for viewing sonogram results.
Healthcare label thermal transfer

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