Flexible Packaging

 Flexible Packaging

High Performance Solutions for Flexible Packaging Applications

Flexible packaging requires high speed for imprinting date, price, lot and bar codes directly on flexible packaging. High speed thermal transfer overprinters (TTO) use near-edge thermal transfer ribbons that feature a release layer which allows the ink to quickly release from the ribbon after melting. This ensures crisp, dark imprints even at printing speeds up to 40 IPS.

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Other coding technologies used for flexible packaging include continuous inkjet printing (CIJ) and analog pad printers. All these coding technologies can be found in food packaging, healthcare and retail product manufacturing plants.

It can be challenging to print variable information such as sell-by dates, lot numbers and barcodes on dark-coloured and black flexible packaging substrates. Creating crisp and opaque prints is essential for consumers utilising food, beauty and medical products distributed and sold in flexible packaging. Near edge wax-resin NET Metallic Silver is the solution with great contrast and corresponding high legibility.

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