IIMAK Color TTR for Labels in Food, Nutraceutical and Chemical

11 February 2020

Color Thermal Transfer Ribbons provide a unique option for printing short-run color labels with existing equipment. TTR is perfect solution for brand owners requiring smaller, even micro-sized, label runs with variable colors.

Here are 4 vertical markets you can find color TTR opportunities:

  1. Food Packaging 
    White, Silver and Gold TTR are popular for printing “best by” dates on dark labels and directly on flexible packaging in snack foods. Designers may maintain brand packaging integrity without designated white areas contrasting the typical black TTR. White TTR is available in Wax/Resin and Resin so you can select the level of durability needed. 

  2. Nutraceutical 
    Blue, Green and other TTR colors can add variable info to flexo pre-printed label including product name, size, type, color, nutritional information, and ingredients lists. Vitamins, supplements and herbs would all be potential applications. 

  3. Chemical 
    GHS requirements for chemical labeling is a common application for Red TTR to highlight pictogram frames to help communicate health and safety information. Standard BS5609 requires a special certification of the ribbon/label so it can withstand ocean shipments. You can achieve 2-color printing by running through 2 standard TT printers (like Zebra or Sato) or with specialized 2-head thermal transfer printers from manufacturers like cab and Microplex. 

  4. Private Branding 
    With a sophisticated multi-head thermal transfer printer like the Astro-Med Astronova Quick Label QLS-4100, packagers can quickly and easily create low volume, custom private labels. One example is in janitorial/sanitary supplies. Manufacturers of cleaning chemicals can offer distributors low MOQs for personalization. TTR colors like blue and black or red and black are common. Process CMYK colors are also available. Wax/resin and resin options provide excellent durability to resist incidental contact with chemicals being packaged. Private label spans many other industries including food, hardware, and supplements.

Other applications include Promotional Products, Tire Labels, In-Plant Safety Signage, Textile Care Tags and so many others!  

IIMAK offers nearly 50 colors across wax, wax/resin, and resin ribbons. Email us for the latest Color Sales Guide to help you identify applications and select the correct ribbon based on substrate and durability requirements.