IIMAK believes in the partnership between universities and businesses in order to contribute to the development of young professionals in the surrounding community. We offer various opportunities across all departments and during all times of the year. We strive to provide our interns with a quality learning environment in order to help them acquire and develop the skills necessary for future job placement and advancement.

About our internships:

At IIMAK, interns are integrated into their assigned department and put to work on real tasks that impact the business. The goal is to allow the student to turn acquired knowledge into skill through hands-on applications. Interns at IIMAK gain exposure to operations and tasks within their own professional area and also get to observe and experience the way in which their function interacts with other areas of a business.

All IIMAK internships are paid positions and typically last a minimum of a full semester. When internship positions become available they will be listed under “Current Opportunities”. Students will need to apply by completing an online application in order to be considered for an internship opportunity.

The IIMAK Internship Experience

Sam Odrobina

Sam Odrobina

R&D Intern
"My time and efforts at IIMAK were nothing but an unbelievable learning experience. Working in the R&D department, the ideas and opportunities were endless. I was always able to state my opinion and know it was truly valued. Whether it was a warm greeting, or the jokes about being “too young” to understand, someone always had me smiling. I genuinely enjoyed coming to work each day and I am pleased to say, Interning at IIMAK and learning as much as I did is an experience I would never trade."
Troy Paul

Troy Paul

IT Intern
"The experience I have gained from this position, not only from a knowledge stand point, but also a business stand point, is invaluable. Working in the IT department has given me the unique opportunity to interact on a daily basis with many personnel at all different levels of the company. I have not spoken with a single employee that hasn’t warmly greeted me or been nothing but positive and supportive to me on any task I’ve had to accomplish. This opportunity is something that I am truly grateful for."