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Bar codes and variable text are required for the movement of goods and tracking of materials through each stage in the supply chain.


Sales information like price, bar code, expiration date and lot code is important for consumers and managing inventory.

Durable Goods

High durability applications need to endure rough handling, abrasion, chemical and outdoor exposure.


Class I and II medical device consumables such as orthopedic bracing and compression devices require specialized manufacturing capabilities. 

Flex Pack

Flexible packaging requires high speed for imprinting date, price, lot and bar codes directly on flexible packaging.


Chemical drums and container labels need to withstand extreme conditions including abrasion, water and chemicals.


Identification of auto parts, battery labels and tires are important in the tracking of each vehicle through the process.


Resistance to rain, snow, UV and other environmental conditions is critical in outdoor labeling. 


Food products must be tracked for safety and efficiency, in addition to having visibility of products through the supply chain.


IIMAK has a variety of solutions for applications in  Auto ID, Packaging, Graphics and Medical markets.

Auto ID

Bar Coding

Print bar codes & variable information on labels to identify products, improve productivity & manage material through the supply chain.



Enable coding and marking of primary and secondary packaging that provides traceability and tracking to industries such as food and beverage.



Create high quality, specialty prints for fine art printing, photographic printing, POS displays, signage, proofing and trade show graphics.



Durable and legible information for patient identification and asset tracking are critical in medical applications.

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