Industry Applications


Chemical drums and container labels need to withstand extreme conditions including abrasion, water and chemicals.   


Identification of auto parts, battery labels and tires are important in the tracking of each vehicle through the process.

Durable Goods

High durability applications need to endure rough handling, abrasion, chemical and outdoor exposure.


Compliance labeling, shipping and pallet labels are needed for the movement of goods and tracking of materials.  


IIMAK has solutions for a variety of applications. We understand that each industry and application has unique requirements for printing. 

Broadest Product Offering

Product Offering

IIMAK offers a full line of Thermal Transfer Ribbons for every type of application from general purpose to specialty. Same day shipping is available on over 400 SKUs.

Private Labeling

Private Labelling

IIMAK's private labelling programme can help you meet packaging requirements and advertise your business. This service is free of charge for our distributors.

Technical Support

Technical Support

IIMAK offers free technical support to help you close opportunities. Our technical support services can assist you with print testing, troubleshooting or dialing in a printer for a customer.

Become a Partner

Become a Partner

IIMAK products are available through our distribution channel. To learn more about our world-class services and partner program, please contact us.

Inside IIMAK

Inside IIMAK

Access Inside IIMAK, our exclusive website for distributors which provides quick access to order and invoice information as well as the wide array of product data currently available.

Purchase Products

How to Buy

IIMAK products are available through our worldwide distribution channel. Our channel partners will help you identify solutions based on your needs.


Order a sample

IIMAK offers samples of most products, so you can test print quality and durability to assess the quality of the product for the application requirements.

Contact Us

Contact us

For product information, you can contact Customer Service by phone at +32 (0)14 579 800 or by email or you can complete our contact form.